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Explore your wildest desires with Ares, the silicone dildo from the EPIC CYBERSILICOCK brand inspired by Greek mythology! With striking colors that reflect the ferocity of the god of war, this toy will take you away. to battles of unparalleled pleasure. 



  • 35 mm glans for a stimulating entry.
  • 39mm top thickening for a gradual feeling of fullness.
  • 40mm medium thickening for intense stimulation.
  • 50mm bottom thickening for a deeply satisfying experience.
  • 80 mm base for a secure hold during use.
  • Introducable length of 170 mm for deep examinations.
  • Total length of 195 mm for comfortable and ergonomic handling.
  • Weight of 330 g for a light but satisfying experience.

Dominate your fantasies with Ares from EPIC CYBERSILICOCK!




Welcome to the universe of EPIC CYBERSILICOCK, where passion meets innovation and Greek mythology comes to life in a way never seen before. We are more than just a sex toy brand; We are the epitome of modern pleasure, fusing exceptional craftsmanship with unbridled imagination.

Immerse yourself in a world of divine desire with our silicone masturbators and dildos that will transport you to the epic stories of ancient Greece. Each EPIC CYBERSILICOCK product is Meticulously designed to offer a unique sensory experience, using the most advanced silicone technology to ensure an unparalleled feeling of softness and realism.

Our collection is inspired by the myths and legends of Greek mythology, where gods and mythical creatures come to life in strange and shocking forms. Our designs challenge the conventions of conventional pleasure and invite you to explore new horizons of ecstasy.

But innovation doesn't stop there. Some of our products have advanced features, such as remote control, that allow you to customize your pleasure experience with the ease of one touch. Imagine controlling the intensity and rhythm of your sensations with the push of a button, surrendering to pleasure with the skill of a god.

And, of course, aesthetics are equally important to us. Our products are available in a variety of bold colors that awaken your senses, from the golden glow of the sun to the mysterious blue of the Aegean Sea. And our shapes are as striking as the stories of Greek mythology, with sensual curves and bold contours that invite you to explore your wildest fantasies.

Get ready for an epic experience like no other. Join us on the journey to ultimate pleasure with EPIC CYBERSILICOCK, where Greek mythology meets modern technology to create a world of infinite desire. Are you ready to enter the realm of the gods of pleasure?

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