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Take control with the Fetish Submisive adjustable harness doggy harness.
A perfect padded harness with adjustable straps.
Practice the famous doggy posture!

The puppy's posture can make you reach heaven! It is not the most romantic posture we know, but it is the one that allows more friction and contact with your partner, something that, in short, will result in a pleasure without limits. Have you ever tried it? This is all you need to know about her ...
If we talk about sex and sexual postures, "the doggie" is undoubtedly one of the most popular, especially because it is one of the most daring and one of those that provide more pleasure. Practiced since time immemorial, it is the object of fantasies of both men and women ... Do you want to know why it is the favorite posture of many? Although there are many more to try ...

The technique with the harness

It must be said that this position may not please everyone, especially the most romantic ones. During other positions, like the classic missionary, you can look and kiss your partner, but with the puppy, the thing becomes more complicated. In this position, the woman or man should get 'on all fours', and the man who penetrates should stand on his knees behind her or him, adjusting his height to that of his hips. Thus, man has total control over penetration, speed or rhythm, something that can become very erotic.

The posture, as it could not be otherwise, offers very intense sensations: with it a very deep penetration is achieved, it allows to easily reach the point G and, depending on the angle, also other sides of the vagina or the anus, which It implies unparalleled pleasure. At the same time, it makes the man have direct access to the clitoris, being able to stimulate it during the penetration. If you are somewhat shy, do not feel intimidated! The puppy's posture is also fantastic to be carried away at the moment, since there is no eye contact, you will not have to worry about your facial expressions while having sex, which for many women can be a headache.

The FETISH SUBMISIVE harness facilitates the deeper penetration of the G-spot stimulation in the case of female-female penetration or the P-point in the case of male-female penetration. Increases penetration angles from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.

  • Made of material; Neoprene, Nickel free metal and Vegan leather.

The Fetish Submisive collection is the perfect one for BDSM, quality and resistance suitable for any game!


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