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Aero Silver Ring is a masturbator with 10 levels of narrowing and suction, made of safe materials for the body and water resistance 

It's equipped with a silver ring of elastic silicone incorporated inside, preventing internal air leaks and increasing pleasure and narrowing.

Its interior structure is of cyclical absorption with sensitive parts, to experience a slow escalation minute by minute. This sensation envelops the penis from the root to the top, thanks to its spaceship design and its fully enclosed cabin.

Aero Silver Ring includes a 10 ml lubricant sample, its inner cover can be easily removed and washed with warm water and neutral PH soap. Use only water-based lubricant with this product. The use of oil-based lubricants or silicone, could irreversibly damage the product.

Main features:

  • Black and white masturbator.
  • 10 levels of narrowing.
  • Made of: ABS/PC/POM/Silicone rubber/Elastomer.
  • Water resistant.
  • Ring that prevents air leaks increasing pleasure.
  • Cyclic absorption interior with sensitive parts.
  • Spacecraft design. 10 ml lubricant (Included).
  • Removable cover
  • Easy to clean 
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